"I guess if there is only one good thing that came out of (losing to Minnesota), we'll still go to a bowl," coach Kirk Ferentz said.

  • The University of Iowa's football coach, Kirk Ferentz, was given a new contract before the 2010 season and now earns $3.675 million a year.

  • Kirk Ferentz is the highest paid football coach in the Big Ten Conference as of the start of the 2010 football season.

"He truly is considered, if not the best coach in the country, one of the best. This is just recognition of that. I would never sign a new coach to a contract that long or that extensive, but he's not a new coach. He's proven himself over and over at the University of Iowa on all fronts and all levels."

University of Iowa Athletic Director - Gary Barta's comments on Kirk Ferentz's new contract in 2010

Click on the story link below to see how Kirk Ferentz's salary compares to the compensations paid to other top college coaches and the BCS titles they have earned - prior to his new $3.675 million/year contract!

November 28, 2010

Please Note:

This website is not calling for the firing of the University of Iowa's football coach, Kirk Ferentz...at this point in time. But as a voice of many Hawkeye fans, he should now be officially put in the "hot seat" after the very poor performance of his 2010 Iowa football team. A "Kirk Ferentz" coached football team has NEVER played with less will and effort as well as lack of play execution than his 2010 squad and ultimately that comes down to poor coaching. The talent was there. Prior to this year, you never questioned the will, desire, and work ethic of the players and coaches of a Kirk Ferentz coached team. Iowa fans will not tolerate a football team that "gives up" REPEATEDLY and that is exactly what happened this year! Iowa may never be able to recruit the talent it takes to compete for a BCS title. Lack of talent can only be overcome by excellent coaching, a tireless effort, and "mistake-free" play execution. It is time for Kirk Ferentz to earn his money considering he is now the highest paid ("fat cat") coach in the Big Ten. Iowa will never be considered a legitimate BCS power until they start playing to win games rather than playing to not lose.

Kirk Ferentz will bench his players for their poor performances or actions.

Iowa Hawkeye football fans reserve the right to constructively criticize Coach Kirk Ferentz and his coaching staff during their times of poor performances as coaches.

This website ultimately wants the best out of Coach Kirk Ferentz and that means bringing a BCS title to the University of Iowa's football team. The performance of the 2010 Iowa Hawkeye football team was extremely poor and uncharacteristic of a Kirk Ferentz coached football team! (In reality, this team should be 6-6 and not 7-5 as any Hawkeye fan knows.) This football team does not deserve to go to a post-season bowl game! The University of Iowa prides itself on academic excellence and rightfully so. The same level of excellence should be demanded from the University of Iowa's athletic programs. Mediocrity and underachievement should not be rewarded in life as will be the case by accepting a bowl invitation for the 2010 football season. As of November 27, 2010, University of Iowa Athletic Director - Gary Barta is now faced with his toughest decision to date. That decision has to be taking the tough and unpopular stand of declining any bowl invitation for the Iowa Hawkeye football team of 2010. Again, you don't reward mediocrity and a declining performance level in academia, business, or college sports.

Here is to wishing the Iowa Hawkeye football team a very successful season in 2011! Go Hawkeyes!

Disclaimer: This website is privately owned and has no association with the University of Iowa.